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How good of a martial artist
do you want to be?

The reason I ask is that you have just arrived at a site for improving your
martial arts techniques. You can even learn martial arts as a beginner.

This site has one main martial arts goal -- to get you better at martial
arts and self defense
. Practical martial arts. Real self defense.
Efficient tactics and techniques....

You will find many hidden gems of martial arts:

* Join our Free, weekly martial arts ezine.
   Martial Arts Mastery brings you several up-to-date
   articles filled with practical Tips, Tactics, and Techniques.

* Read our Free Martial Arts Reports . Articles are added
   almost daily. Always new, always fresh. In addition, some
   of our more popular martial arts newsletter articles find
   their way into this section of our site. Here too, you will
   find practical gems. These reports really do contain some
   of the hidden secrets of martial arts.

* Try one of our martial arts eBooks. Are you an advanced
   martial artist? Are you a black belt? Do you teach?
   Secrets of Teaching Martial Arts More Effectively
   is not for beginners. You have my personal guarantee that this
   will be one of the most powerful books you own on improving
   all of your martial arts students.
   Read more about this new eBook here .

* Wrist Locks: From Protecting Youself to Becoming an Expert
   is for both beginner and advanced martial artists. Again I ask
   you, How good do you want to be? It doesn't matter what style
   or system you practice. This book has valuable techniques for
   everyone. But more than that, it's the only book of its kind that
   goes beyond technique. To learn how to reverse any attempted
   joint lock or arm bar, click here.


Did you know that the best martial artists out there
have at least three traits in common?

Sure they have a lot more in common than just three habits or attitudes,
but in the last year, all of the successful martial artists who have
contacted us have exhibited these three characteristics.

The amazing thing is that you have the ability to develop all three
traits significantly at this martial arts site.


What's the first trait of the successful martial artist?

Successful martial artists never stagnate. They continue to
grow as martial artists throughout their lives. These martial artists
practice what they already know, but they don't allow their
knowledge to fossilize.

They continue to add to their knowledge base. Even if adding to
their system means eliminating moves, to make their
repertoire more efficient.

They constantly read articles, like those found in our Free Martial
Arts Reports
section. They incorporate what is useful to them,
and at least ponder the rest, before discarding what
won't fit their system.

They personalize their style. And so can you.


What's the second characteristic of a successful martial artist?

Successful martial artists go beyond 'their' style. They reach beyond their
comfort zone, in order to improve.

It doesn't matter whether they practice a modern, eclectic system that
is composed of elements from several classical styles, or if they practice
a single, classical style. The successful martial artist goes beyond the
familiar. They know what's out there.

Even if their style doesn't incorporate wrist locks, they still know
how to handle and reverse any attempted joint control. They can
fight a boxer, even if the successful martial artist doesn't box.
The successes make themselves familiar with what's out there.

That's why so many seasoned martial artists read our martial arts
. And the novices who recognize what it's going to take
to become a success have latched on to us as well.
Read more about our free ezine here.


The third trait may be a hard one to swallow

Most of the successful martial artists are readers. They have
good, well-rounded martial arts libraries.

We are smack dab in the middle of the age of video. You can
learn martial arts by video tape, DVD, over the Net, and through
other electronic sources. Yet the best martial artists keep
coming back to books. And now, we have eBooks too!

These Super Successful Martial Artists are just as busy as the
rest of us. They make time for books.

They know what it takes to get really proficient.

Sure, they may own some how-to videos, but they realize that
videos don't contain as much information as books, and that thousands
of people are copying the videos move for move. These video clones
are learning to react in the exact same way. They just copy the tape.
A good martial arts book forces you to think.

Don't get me wrong. I like an occasional video too. But there is so much
more to martial arts learning.

Remember, just about any successful martial artist has a book collection.
Those who have already started their collections agree that books are of
paramount importance. Unfortunately, most who aren't readers will just
never understand.

This is an important point.

They download articles from this site all of the time. Some of these
martial artists have written in to say that they have put their articles
in permanent folders for reference.

Many have asked for autographs when ordering hardback copies of
Wrist Locks:From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert.
They value their books and want a signed copy for their martial
arts collection.


Did you know we are getting newsletter subscribers and martial artists
downloading our reports and books from all four corners of the globe?

Dedicated martial artists from around the world are discovering our site...

"Martial Arts Newsletter Has Worldwide Appeal"

Martial Arts Mastery: A Tell-All of Tips, Tactics, and Techniques is a
weekly martial arts ezine. This is a free martial arts newsletter. Here
are a few testimonials. Hold down (right click?) on the name for
the complete quote....


"...Keith Pascal's 'Martial Arts Mastery' sets the standard
for a Martial Arts E-zine.


"Martial Arts Mastery incorporates techniques from a variety of martial arts.
... I hope it keeps going forever"


- the weekly instalments provide good food for thought,
regardless of what style you study.


- Actually I'm not a martial artist, just some gal looking for advice on self-defense ....


- Even though this e-zine is written by someone specialized in Jeet Kun Do
, I feel it is interesting for any well rounded martial arts practitioner.
Mr. Pascal has a nice writing style.


Have you signed up yet for Martial Arts Mastery: A Tell-All of Tips,
Tactics, and Techniques
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The Perfect Match Guarantee

Of course we offer a 100%, Satisfaction Guarantee. But more than that,
we are trying to create the perfect match.

This means more than just offering you quality information. Kerwin Benson
wants to create a certain feeling. What do I mean by that?

Just imagine that one of our books just arrived in the mail, or you
just downloaded one of our e-books.

You grab your faviorite beverage ... maybe a snack too. You settle
in. You get comfortable. You start to read ....

Any skepticism that you may have had quickly vanishes. You think ...

This is interesting....

Good point ....

I didn't know that!

This book is good.

This is exactly what I was looking for!

And Bam! We have a match.

That's the goal of this company ... to match you up with the
information that you need ... even more ... the information
that you crave. Satisfaction guaranteed -- always.

These hidden gems will give you the martial arts advantage.

            Keith Pascal
            author and senior editor of Martial Arts Mastery

PS After you bookmark this page, make sure you sign up for our
free e-zine. Then check out our hidden gems offered below ... and
don't forget to read some of our free reports.


New! Secrets of Teaching Martial Arts More Effectively ...
by popular demand! That's right, according to the results of our
most recent ezine survey, you all want the exact information that
this manual provides.

This is not a collection of exercises. This eBook offers real methods for
becoming an excellent martial arts teacher. You have never seen this
information in print before. It's all new -- hard-hitting advice for
cranking out superior students.

Read more about Secrets of Teaching Martial Arts More Effectively
and the three bonuses that accompany it.


Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself To Becoming An Expert ...
is still our feature title. This book has been discovered by bodyguards,
security personel, Law Enforcement officers, and both beginner and
advanced martial artists.

Find out why this book is different from all others.

Tell me more about ... Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself To Becoming An Expert


Wrist Locks e-Book
Our critically acclaimed hardback is now available for immediate download.
It's the same great book ( except the page numbers are different, and the
resource section has been updated). read about it at our Wrist Locks page....

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This site is being updated almost daily. Exciting changes are
. Stay tuned.. .;-)

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