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Really Learn How with Books ...

by Keith Pascal

I hope my posted articles are of value to you. Did you know, my books and ebooks contain actual detailed instructions?

In almost all genres, articles are cursory looks at a subject. They don't go into a lot of detail. You don't discover everything you need to know. You skim the subject.

Not so with books and ebooks.

I am dedicated to providing books that really teach you how.

You really get to sink your teeth into a subject. You gain skills.

For example, a lot of martial artists know a wrist lock or two. Very few of them can make their wrist locks work in a variety of situations.

You can read articles all day long, but if you really want to master wrist and joint locks ...

Wrist Locks Book Is it time for you to transform yourself into a wrist and joint-lock expert? Click here.

This book takes you beyond mere technique.

You will control with wrist locks -- guaranteed!


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Martial Arts articles

Martial Arts articles

Martial Arts articles

Martial Arts articles

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