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These articles change weekly. This week's featured article deals with wrist locks.

If you have ever tried to learn wrist locks on your own, say from youtube, then you have to read This Week's Featured Martial-Arts Article ...

Punch Power Problem (Free Report)

This one tip might make all the difference in the power of your punches. It's all about alignment when you punch.

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Arm Bar Resisters (Free Report)

What do you do when someone resists your arm bar?

Here's a technique that you can use as a distraction before reapplying the arm bar or as your next technique in a damaging and efficient sequence of several moves. It's your choice.

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Fight At Your Best All of The Time (Free Report)

Wouldn't it be nice to know that you can fight at your best, whenever you need to ... all of the time?

How would you like to imprint the perfect response or precision technique on your brain?

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Pressure Point Success

From Pressure Point Failure to Pressure Point Success. This report will help with two quick suggestions to raise your chances of causing pain with a nerve or pressure point.

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