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58 Martial-Arts Motivation Questions Answered (eBook - $25)

Actual questions from my readers all on motivation -- finding practice partners, the time to train, the will to train, the motivation to keep going.

One tip from these pages could make all the difference in your martial-arts training and improvement.

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Multiple Attacker Tissue Training (eBook - FREE)

This exercise/game is sort of like flag football, but with a multiple-attacker training twist. Very practical multiple-assailant training and fun, too.

Multiple Attacker Tissue Training (FREE) ...

Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to
Becoming an Expert (Prices Vary by Format)

Still one of our most popular books. That's why it's available in hardback, as an immediate ebook download, and also on CD-ROM.

This is the wrist locks book guaranteed to make your wrist locks and joint locks practical. Wrist locks do work -- if you know how. Filled with great advice ... and some amazing locks. Read more about Wrist Locks ...

Secrets of Teaching Martial Arts More Effectively (eBook -- $39.95)

Make sure all of your martial-arts teaching is strong and that your students learn at a fast pace.

Solid teaching principles will guarantee that your students really develop the martial skills that they need.

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Excerpt from Secrets of Teaching ... (eBooklet -- FREE)

What happens when two schools compete -- one is a school that spars, and the other a school that only emphasized techniques? Which school won? Which is a better way to teach?

Read this FREE excerpt from Secrets of Teaching Martial Arts More Effectively. Read the Secrets of Teaching Excerpt ...

Martial-Arts Goal Setting (eBooklet -- Free)

5 Tips to improve your martial arts in just 30 days. I sent this to my ezine list recently -- my gift to them. The response was very positive.

Can this 11-page martial-arts ebooklet really make a difference in your training? Read Martial-Arts Goal Setting

The BIG Punch eCourse (eBooks -- $97)

5 Volumes all on punching -- Learn often overlooked fundamentals, then develop super speed punches.

Then you progress to explosive power punches. Next, using your punch with defensive tactics, and finally effective punch strategies.

5 ebooks, loaded with photos and complete lessons. Read more about The Punch eCourse ...

3 for 1 Deal -- (3 eBooks for $20)

Three ebooks for the price of one -- all valuable, all practical:

Become the Martial Artist You Were Meant to Be By Taking Charge of Your Learning (47 pgs) Shows how to look to different styles, build up techniques, and pare down, to develop a practical way to defend yourself.

Revised Kick My Tummy: Getting the Most From This Exercise (14 pgs) -- How to get the most out of roundhouse kicking with a partner.

Relaxation For Martial Improvement (50 pgs) - 3 ways to use relaxation -- Bruce Lee's way to relax the muscles, relaxation for memorizing martial arts sequences, and relaxation to improve technique speed. Read more about the 3 for 1 Deal ...

Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder (Hardback -- $29.95 + postage)

Speed snatch and even switch one coin for another in a participant's hand. Beat everyone -- you can switch coins in their own hands, before they can react.

This book really does teach you how to build your reputation. Plus, there are chapters just for martial artists -- instructions for eliminating telegraphs, and improving punch speed. Read more about Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder ...

10 Days to Better Knife Fighting (eBook -- $29)

Whether you are a beginner to knife fighting or already accomplished with a blade, this ebook is designed to help you improve your automatic reactions in a knife fight.

Traditional martial arts moves just aren't effective or efficient in a real knife fight. You need super-efficient, automatic responses. This ebook is guaranteed to produce results. Read about 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting ...

Ready for Anyone and Anything in a Street Fight (eBook -- FREE)

For some, this will be there first taste of developing martial confidence in a real fight. Would you like to be ready for anyone and anything in a street fight. Read this makes-sense ebooklet. Download Ready ... in a Street Fight

Knockdown Punches (eBook -- $15)

23 pages of, pardon the pun, hard-hitting advice. Learn one exercise from The New Punch eCourse -- worded differently, and without photos -- a great exercise for building real knockdown power. Plus, how to use information from The Tale of One Armed Albert to make your punches significantly stronger and more efficient.

Also included is ...The Tale of One-Armed Albert and Little Brother Meets the Master -- (42 pages). Read more about Knockdown Punches

The DELUXE Knife Fighting ePackage (eBooks -- $47)

Start with 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting. Add Knife Fighting Tips 1-6, Mini Knife Tips 1-4, Circle Stabbing for Fast Improvement, Slicing Checks and Blocks, and all of tales of Blur Smith: The Greatest Knife Fighter in the World. 13 ebooks, ebooklets, and files ... all on efficient knife fighting.

Perfect for knife-fighting enthusiasts. Read more about The DELUXE Knife Fighting ePackage ...

Tiptoeing to Tranquility: The Parable for Finding Safety and Comfort in Dangerous Times (Soft Cover -- $12.95 + postage)

Lessons in a story. A mother and daughter take lessons from a martial arts master -- not in martial arts, but rather awareness. They learn to be safe and travel with confidence in their city. Read more about Tiptoeing to Tranquility ...