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Affiliate Information:

1. What is the Kerwin Benson Publishing Affiliate Program?

2. How is this program different from other martial arts affiliates?

3. How do I join?

4. How much money ($$$) can I make?

5. What are the different ways to use my affiliate link to make money?

6. Why don't you have 'tiers' and what do you offer instead?

7. Is there a way to make BIG MONEY with my martial arts affiliate link?

8. Can I buy martial arts products from myself?


Affiliate Support:

Introductory Martial Arts Affiliate Newsletter

Would you like a bunch of introductory information, along with some marketing and promotional ideas, all in one newsletter? It's all free -- just click here.


Free Martial Arts Affiliate Article: Should You Pre-Sell or Sell?

If you aren't sure what kind of message to use with your affiliate link, this article offers some valuable advice. Read the article here.


Free Martial Arts Affiliate Article: Planning to Succeed

Choose the right marketing method for you. I'd love to tell you that you'll make a fortune, but it depends. The art of being realistically optimistic. Plan to Succeed Now


Free Martial Arts Affiliate Article: "I'm Not a Salesperson!"

Are you turned off buy hard-sell messages? If you aren't into selling, you can still make money with your affiliate link. Soft Sell here.


Click Here to Become an Affiliate. It's Free.

Here's a step-by-step plan to get you started. It's quick and it's easy. Become an affiliate now -- you'll be glad you did. Get easy instructions.



1. What is the Kerwin Benson Publishing Affiliate Program?

Quite frankly, it's a way for me to get some help promoting some great products (author's humble opinion). Kerwin Benson Publishing only has one person heading marketing on the Internet -- yours truly.

And the Net is getting too big for me to handle alone, so Kerwin Benson Publishing is willing to pay for customers who come to us through you. When you become an affiliate, Free to join, you get a referral link. Any time some one comes to us through your link and buys one of our eBooks, you get a referral commission.

It's quick and it's easy.



2. How is this program different from other martial arts affiliates?

You get 30%!!!

Let me repeat that -- on each and every sale, Kerwin Benson pays you 30%. Most other martial arts companies don't even have affiliate programs, and those that do only offer 10%.

After more than 20 minutes of searching the Engines, I did find a couple of martial arts supply companies that offered 15%, but that was it.

Treat others as you would want to be treated -- 30% sounds a lot better than 10% to me. How about to you?

Another reason this program is different is ... well ... you have my help. Most affiliate programs sign you up and then that's it. No help. No support.

I give you both. I'll tell you how to set things up. I'll give you advice on making the most of your affiliate link. You can even e-mail me for help creating promotions tailored to your needs.

Do you have a question now?

E-mail me:

My name is Keith (Pascal)




3. How do I join?

It's easy. You just set up an affiliate account with Click here to fill out their form. They will give you an affiliate link with both your code and ours (kerwin).

Then all you have to do is send folks to our home page through your link. Even if your referral decides to buy at a later date, you still get the referral, as long as nobody else (another affiliate) has refered them to the same page since then.

This way, they can check it out now, and buy later -- you still get the money.

Go to the sign-up form:

Join My Affiliate Program



4. How much money ($$$) can I make?

To be honest with you, I have no idea. By the way, I'd be very suspicious of any plan that guarantees you an exact amount per week, or month, etc....

Each affiliate is different. You have different resources. Also, some of you may decide to promote your link more heavily than others.

If you just put up a passive link to your site, and you get a couple of sales a week, you'll make some extra change. You'll be able to go out for a nice meal, or treat someone to a movie and a bite, maybe.

On the other hand, if you have an opt-in e-zine with a large number of targeted subscribers, this could be your next big killing. It's like having a new product to promote. The results could be amazing.

Remember, you get 30% of "Secrets of Teaching Martial Arts More Effectively," which sells for $39.95 and/or you also can get 30% of the eBook "Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming An Expert," which sells for only $20. Both are great deals.




5. What are the different ways to use my affiliate link to make money?

Glad you asked!

A) Post an Article on Your Site Whether you use your own article or one of mine, this is a great way to gneerate traffic through your link. Use an article that relates to either teaching martial arts, learning methods, or wrist locks.

Then, somewhere in the article, give your honest recommendation for one of Kerwin Benson Publishing's products. Put your affiliate link right next to your endorsement, and also at the end of the article, with an additional little blurb of praise.


B) Send a Solo-Mailing to Your List If you haveyour own e-zine, you should definitely market to your own list. They trust you -- hopefully.

Send them a solo mailing telling them about one of these products. Include your affiliate link throughout the mailing.

Some marketers make their entire living with these types of mailings. You should try it, if you have a list.


C) Publish an Article In Your Newsletter or e-zine You don't have to send an entire mailing. If you regularly publish a newsletter, a related article could send a lot of traffic to Kerwin Benson Publishing.

Create your own article, write to me for suggestions, or use one of my articles. I'll help any way I can.


D) Start Putting Links Everywhere Put a link in you sig file, then just keep sending e-mails to everyone.

Put an informational link on your site. Work it into the copy of your main page.

Put up banners. In short, put a link anywhere you might get potential customers to click.




6. Why don't you have 'tiers' and what do you offer instead?

Tiers became popular with the advent of Multi-Level-Marketing. You get a percentage of each sale, then you get others involved, and you get a percentage of each of their sales and a smaller percentage of each of the sales of the people that they get involved, and so on.

A lot of people shy away from MLM, yours truly included. So, I have decided against tiers. You get the whole commission. You don't have to share a percentage with anyone ....

But if the idea of getting others involved appeals to you, you still have a way to generate some extra cash. offers a referral for each affiliate that you sign up.

I don't really pay attention to the details. I signed up for their reseller program, and now I just collect my commisions. Here are their specifics, current as of the last update of this page:

Refer a new affiliate and get $ .10 on each sales comission

Refer a new merchant and get $10 when they activate and $ .10 on every sale they make.

Refer a new reseller and get $5.00 every time they get a $10 bonus and earn $ .05 every time they earn a $ .10 merchant bonus.

Sound confusing?

All you need to know is that if you get other folks to sign up for this affiliate program, you start making extra money. It's great.

It's an extra flow that comes in automatically.

So, it pays to sign others up. Hmmmm.

Would you like to sell your own eProducts and set up a similar affiliate program?

Become a Clickbank Reseller and Accept credit cards today!



7. Is there a way to make BIG MONEY with my martial arts affiliate link?

In order to make big money, you have to be seen by lots of those interested in martial arts and self defense. There are two (at least) excellent ways to make large amounts of money:

1. Do Joint-Venture Marketing with Kerwin Benson Publishing. If you have access to a large list of martial artists, then maybe we could work out a deal. In a sense, since you are an affiliate, we are already joint-venturing.

But let's take it to the next step. Let me help you. You market to your list for me, and I'll market to mine for you. Not only do you get your 30% on all sales that come through, but you may get some sales from my site for your product. Contact me:

2. A great way to reach lots of martial artists, if you don't have your own e-zine is to write articles for other ezines. Write a short article that has your affiliate link at the end (e-zine publishers don't like blatant advertising within the article), and get it published in a martial arts ezine with a large readership.

If the readers like the article, they will click over to check out your link, especially if you have a short compelling sig file at the end. I'll give you sample sig files if you need ideas.


8. Can I buy martial arts products from myself?

Please don't. It's unethical. If we allowed that, then nobody would pay retail.

But I understand your desire for a good deal. And you want to try them out before you heavily promote them, right?

It makes sense. So...

If you sell two copies of any of our products, you may get a copy for yourself FREE. ... and you still get the full affiliate commission, on those two sales!

That's right -- just let us know, that you have sold two copies of something (include the clickbank ticket #s and dates), and as soon as we verify the sales through Clickbank, we'll give you a copy for yourself, OK?




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