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See an Almost Instant Improvement in Your Punches

If you are an amateur martial artist, if you're an advanced practitioner of the arts, or if you just want to be able to punch faster, harder, and more effectively ... then this eBook is for you.

Learn to generate brick-smashing power in every hit.

Learn the secrets known by only a small fraction of the black belts -- your punches will seem to move too fast to see.

Even discover weaknesses in certain martial arts punches. (Some classic hits are great -- some aren't.)


You Don't Need Rippled Muscles to Punch Hard!

Knowing 'how' to punch is much more important than just developing big muscles.

In fact, punching with rippled muscles tightened is one of the worst ways to punch. Tightening your muscles will slow you down. You should only tense right before impact.

Punching fast with a lot of power is really a question of technique. Punching is a science -- a discipline you can master.


WIll You Get the Punch Papers Advantage?

Beginners want to get good fast. They need a quick edge.

The Punch Papers adds the martial arts advantage to all your punches. You get an instant download to your computer (no waiting for snail mail) of over 40 chapters of collected reports and articles on significantly improving your punches.

Beginners will love the following:

Three imperative principles to consider when perfecting your punch. Great advice for a beginner -- a good review for the seasoned martial artist or boxer.

"Develop Devastating Power Punches in One Month" is an invaluable chapter for anyone who would like to use the mind to help the punch. This is not mumbo jumbo -- you will see fast results.

Once you learn this super power punch, that even works from short distances, you will learn to generate that kind of power with different targets on your opponent. (Ever hear of Bruce Lee's one-inch punch?)

From there, you get three chapters in a row on how to make just a few minor adjustments to your body and punch positions to really crank up the power.

What do martial artists really know about power? It's time to really learn to generate internal energy . This next chapter could open up some new possibilities.

I myself am not a blocker, but this tip will help those who block to combine a punching strategy with their blocks to become super efficient in their techniques.

Just how many punches do you need? And how many follow up techniques? Read solid recommendations on whether to build up techniques or pare them down to the basics. This is 'the' way to keep it all straight in your head.

Teach your punching hand to feel for the openings. You can react much more quickly if you allow your hand to feel the opening. These specific strategies take practice, if you want useful punching tactics that will last a lifetime.

Have you ever looked at a problem from a completely different angle, and seen a bunch of new possibilities? I'd like to give you a new paradigm -- one way to see a fight. It may just change the way you punch -- forever.

Kickboxers have a certain tactic for getting in. Now, you can learn to stop them before they get this specific attack under way.


Keith Pascal is one of those rare individuals ... a realistic martial artist with a talent for both writing and teaching. He tells it like it is with his own style of writing -- with humor injected to keep things even more interesting. I recommend Mr. Pascal to anyone wanting good, realistic martial arts instruction in any format.

-Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc Head Instructor Universal System of Self-Defense  


Yes, There Are Martial Arts Secrets

Less than 5% of the martial artists know this principle. Warning -- this technique takes practice, but boy is it worthwhile. Other fighters won't believe how you are generating your power.

You DON'T need punch-through power to deliver a resounding blow.

And I have a little experiment to prove that this technique works!


Do You Really Want a Punching Advantage?

With The Punch papers, you also learn:

Eight tips to develop a super back fist. You'll think of this as your fastest strike.

Further thoughts on the back fist. The famous martial arts author Loren Christensen gives us his two cents' worth on this effective technique.

Never flinch at a punch again -- I used this technique when I was a beginner. In my opinion, you'll never survive in the ring if you don't have this skill -- especially if you are a boxer or a martial artist.

Here's a follow-up chapter that expounds on the flinch technique to include all panic responses.

Get your punch in every time -- simple direct advice. Some spend years searching for this basic truth. Save yourself time and read this article. Advanced practitioners will nod their heads in approval.

This next 'mental exercise' will help you improve just about any technique. Sometimes the way we consider a technque's flaws turns it into a much stronger move.

Here's a tip for those who just can't find an opening. The golden gloves boxer I trained loved this tactic.

"Resistance is Futile" is a chapter for what to do when a technique isn't working. This is advice of how to get out of a bad situation with a single punch.

Do you know how to punch without using your fist? Learn all about arm pops -- they will jarr your attacker.

This distance fake is so effective, I hesitated putting it in this eBook. I learned it while talking to two original Bruce Lee students. This is a perfect technique for practice workouts.

A few chapters after that, you get a practice tip that really is worth the price of the book. It's subtle, but oh so effective. You can incorporate it into every practice session. You won't believe it until you try it for awhile. Then you'll never practice any other way.



I have found Punch Papers to be an invaluable reference for providing new ideas and further exploring and expanding old ones. It is written in an easy to understand style and provides a great deal of insight into different mechanisms and principles involved in punches and strikes.

One of the greatest strengths of Punch Papers is the inclusion of the associated drills that allow you to fully develop and understand the principles and mechanisms presented.

I have noticed a definite increase in both the power and efficiency, in a relatively short time, of my students' and my own strikes since implementing a number of the drills into my practice and teaching.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is seriously interested in improving their striking skills quickly and efficiently or that of their students.


-Richard Zaruba, Head Instructor Kuk Sool Won of Grand Forks  


There Is So Much More To Learn About Punching

You get chapters that help you prepare for the worst situations -- this is reality based practice at its best. You will also learn about footwork, proper lead stance, and how to effectively counterpunch after accidentally getting hit.

You learn how the QWERTY keyboared relates to Bruce Lee's advice on punching. Many folks will feel uncomfortable as they hear this dose of punching medicine. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Some of the techniques in this book come straight from wing chun gung fu -- a chinese boxing style invented by a woman and passed down for generations. Some of the techniques in this martial arts ebook are perfect for the female boxing arena.

Women need more precision to their techniques. The art of woman boxing is on the rise. Women's self defense has skyrocketed. Both need to learn speed punches, power punches for smaller folks, and self defense instruction of a different type.


Pure Bruce Lee

Since we were discussing Bruce Lee, I thought I'd describe some hand checks that are pure jkd, Bruce Lee's style -- super fast, super precise.

The follow-ups in this technique incorporate a minimum-motion-theory. I don't think techniques can get any more efficient than these. These are also great for workouts for both men and women. Women and small guys will be amazed at how effectively such a little motion can take a power punch -- while counterpunching at the same time.


Saving the Best for Last: Add These to Your Collection of Martial Arts Tactics and Techniques

You're not done yet. Before the end of The Punch Papers, you'll also learn:

How to beat grapplers at their own game. You can learn to interrupt the flow of events to really confuse a grappler trying to take you to the ground.

A valuable piece of advice for training to take a straight blast -- a barrage of punches. If you feel that taking one punch is possible, but defending against a flury of punches isn't, then you need to read this article.

Another straight blast defense technique. I want to make sure you don't panic when the punches fly.

How to modify moves by turning on your technique filter. The specific example is how to stop someone from clothes-lining you across the throat.

All about vertical punches. For those who can't rotate their punch horizontally in time, these gung fu (kung fu) punches could be the answer.

A secret tip for punching faster. Have someone help you feel the difference -- you'll learn the right way to think about speed punching.

Perfect footwork for this speed punch. This footwork differs from traditional karate and boxing. This is a great boxing tip. Play with it -- learn to get to your opponent in record time.

You get more useful tips for punching, a way to make your punches 300% more effective, and even advice for working through punching problems -- when you are having difficulties countering effective techniques.



I am a bit of a book and video-aholic. In over 46 years of martial arts training, I have collected thousands of books and martial arts videos.

I have a lot of stuff on punching. Speed Punching, power punching, wing chun punching, kenpo punching.You name it I have a book on it.

Recently, I read Keith Pascal's The Punch Papers.

Now I have one book that has everything that all of the others have and so much more. This is without a doubt the most comprehensive book that I have ever read on the subject of punching.

I have used many of its drills and suggestions in my classes.

The Punch Papers are the best that you could ask for and Keith Pascal certainly has delivered.

-Dr. Larry Sanders Sijo Nei Wai Chia Kung Fu Soke Sessen Jutsu Aiki Ju jutsu  



The Punch Papers Really Is a Broad Collection of Punching Secrets

In all, you get over 40 'chapters' on punching, spiced with some martial arts quotes, that will really get you thinking. In just a few minutes, after a simple download to your computer, you could be reading everything just mentioned.

The Punch Papers is NOT a complete martial arts system. It is a collection of articles designed to improve your punches, no matter what style or system you practice.

Warning: Some of these punches are illegal in competition, but as a martial artist, you need to know the best ways to defend yourself.

This is an invaluable set of tips. Some of these tips are designed for beginners -- other tips are for more advanced practitioners.

These are moves for boxers -- moves for martial artists -- the best punching advice around!

I guarantee your punches will improve ... if you read this eBook!



Order Now and Receive These Valuable eBonuses:

You Won't Find These Punch Bonuses With Any Other Package!

Bonus #1: Taking On a Boxer

No, I am not implying that after reading this 45 page report, everyone will be able to defeat a quality boxer. Let's be realistic.

You do get over a dozen articles of more great punching tips ... and yes, some of them will work on seasoned boxers, if you do them correctly.You'll learn sneaky tricks and unfair tactics.

You get specific advice for taking on someone who bob -n- weaves. You even get an article on what to do against clinchers. Good solid recommendations.

And who knows, maybe you will be able to use your martial arts against a boxer after all ???



Bonus #2: Punch to the 7th Power!

Let's talk punches -- seven of them. You need to learn about knocking your opponent unconscious with a single punch.

What's your best chance of stopping your attacker with a power punch? Read article #2.

#3 discusses internal bleeding. Knowledge, I hope you never have to use.

Warning! Use the punches in this bonus at your own risk!

Article #4 is another lesson in being sneaky -- I couldn't resist.

From there we move into a discussion of a few killer shots ... quite literally.

Can you afford to miss out on this eBonus? You decide.



How Much Does This Entire Package Cost?

Believe it or not, I once had someone offer me $200, if I could teach him to generate huge amounts of power from a short distance.

I also have regular students who pay me hundreds of dollars a year to learn martial arts, including some of the techniques presented in this book.

Reread the testimonial by Dr. Larry Sanders. Imagine what he had to pay for his thousands of videos and books on the subject.

$ 69.95 is a very fair price, wouldn't you agree?


$27.95 is even better!

You get an instant download to your computer of the eBook The Punch Papers, and both eBonuses for only $27.95

Order now! Order the eBook ($27.95) Through a Secure Server, and Get Instant Access




You Will Love This Guarantee

eBooks from Kerwin Benson Publishing come with a 90 Day, Money-Back Gurantee. But I am so sure that you'll use the punching tips, that you get a ...

Six Month,

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

That's our promise to you.

Order Now - Only $27

Order Through a Secure Server, and Get Instant Access

P.S. Remember, for only $27, the cost a of a nice dinner for two, you get an instant download of:

The Punch Papers, in eBook Format. (Over 40 chapters, 162 pages, of ways to improve your punching now.

Bonus #1: Taking on a Boxer with Martial Arts -- 45 pages guaranteed to inspire you to consider boxers in a whole new light.

Bonus #2: Punch to the 7th Power -- Let's talk about punches that do serious damage -- seven of them. Some of these punches are illegal!

Order Through a Secure Server, and Get Instant Access


If you have any questions, email me:

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