Hidden Gems of Martial Arts

Martial Arts Speed Book
The Ultimate Speed Demonstration in Martial Arts
     by Keith Pascal


The Ultimate Speed Demonstration in Martial Arts

For the first time, all of the best coin snatching methods have been collected into one book.

My name is Keith Pascal,

      Besides being a full-time martial-arts writer, I am coin-snatching enthusiast. Many martial artists and magicians call me the coin-snatching expert.

In this new book, Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder, I take you step-by-step through each coin-snatching technique ....


Will you do me a favor?

Take a minute and imagine yourself in the following scenario:

Picture yourself talking to someone about martial arts. You are either talking to a group of people or maybe just one person.

Someone raises the subject of martial arts speed. People wonder how fast a real martial artist is -- whether or not the speed seen in action movies is real or not.

You explain what is and isn't possible in reality.

As an example, you have the person to whom you are talking take a coin out of his (or her) pocket. Or maybe you take a coin from your own pocket.

The coin is placed in the spectator's outstretched hand.

Are you with me so far? In your mind, can you feel the touch of the metal of the coin?

Is it a light coin, or does it have some weight to it?

You look at the outstretched hand with the coin in it. You raise one of your hands above and in front of the participant's hand.

You are going to reach in and grab for the coin before the participant can react.

You pause ....

You pause some more. You want the person in front of you to be completely ready. No surprises, right?

All of a sudden ... thwip! ... you grab -- faster than lightning -- to borrow an old cliche'.

The participant's hand closed instantly.

Both your hand and your particpant's are now closed.

Who has the coin?

You claim that you do. And you show the coin.

But there seems to be some confusion. The participant claims to have the coin.


When the spectator's hand is opened ... A DIFFERENT COIN IS INSIDE!

Not only did you have time to steal out the first coin, but you had time to switch in a second, different coin.

You are truly amazing!


$29.95 (plus $5 postage and handling anywhere)


The Methods in this Book Are the Best

You'll start with the Beginner's Grab and The Rochester Switch.

From there, you'll progress to Kip's Take, which is my personal favorite.

The Upside-Down Impossible Coin Grab is one of the most impressive coin snatches in the book -- and one of the easiest to perfect (less than five minutes).


More Than Just Coin Snatches

This book focuses on building your reputation.

You get specific advice on how to build your reputation without bragging, at all! Imagine what others will think after seeing your demonstrations of raw speed.

You also get complete story lines, patter, and routines. These anecdotes make great lead-ins for your coin snatching.

Probably of most interest to the martial artist are the chapters and sections relating speed snatches to real martial arts skill. Specific telegraphs are discussed in Chapter 8. And in Chapter 11, martial artists receive tips that apply to fighting and self defense. Chapter 11 is just for martial artists.

$29.95 (plus $5 postage and handling anywhere)



Two Mind-Blowing Bonuses

Calvert's Claw -- Here's how to efficiently snatch a specific coin out of a handful of change. Actually, there is a surprise ending that really is worth the price of the book. This is the first time this effect has been described in print. Thanks to the magician who is about to have a (UK) postage stamp dedicated to his fine art of magic -- John Calvert.

Conversation with Justin Hanes -- Justin is a fine magician who lives in the Pacific Northwest (U.S.). In his conversation, he suggests a few wacky possibilities for a coin snatch. Then he brainstorms a new effect, involving a second participant. Very impressive!


Imagine successfully coin snatching now. It's time to amaze everyone with your fantastic speed.

Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder
by Keith Pascal
214 pages, 45 photographs
ISBN 978-0-9666828-6-1
LCCN 2005933422

$29.95 (plus $5 postage and handling anywhere)