Hidden Gems of Martial Arts

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Martial-Arts Goal Setting

5 Tips to improve your martial arts in just 30 days. I sent this to my ezine list recently -- my gift to them. The response was very positive.

Can this 11-page martial-arts ebooklet really make a difference in your training? Read Martial-Arts Goal Setting (Free)

Multiple Attacker Tissue Training

This exercise/game is sort of like flag football, but with a multiple-attacker training twist. Very practical multiple-assailant training and fun, too.

Multiple Attacker Tissue Training (FREE) ...

Ready for Anyone and Anything in a Street Fight

For some, this will be there first taste of developing martial confidence in a real fight. Would you like to be ready for anyone and anything in a street fight. Read this makes-sense ebooklet. Download Ready ... in a Street Fight

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