Hidden Gems of Martial Arts

FREE Martial Arts Posters (Motivation on Your Wall)
Martial Arts Poster CONTEST

How's your artistic talent?

Would you like to design a martial-arts poster? Is your design good enough to enter a contest?

There are two martial-arts-poster contests that you can enter. One contest is FREE. The other has an entrance free of $5.

Both contests offer martial-arts prizes, and are definitely worth entering:

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Martial Arts Poster #1

Precision is often the deciding factor in a martial encounter.

It makes sense to "focus on precision," and this free martial-arts poster will remind you of theat focus.

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Martial Arts Poster #2

There is no such thing as a fair fight. Poster #2 shows a very direct move.

Often the best martial arts techniques are "Simple and Direct."

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Martial Arts Poster #3

Sometimes, you have to respond in an unexpected manner. Classical styles don't always offer exactly what you need for your given situation. Learn to think creatively!

Think outside the box! Punch outside the box!

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Martial Arts Poster #4

It doesn't take a large, muscle-laden man to punch hard. Small martial artists can generate an awful lot of power in their hits.

It's not the size of the fist that counts, but the power it can generate!

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