Hidden Gems of Martial Arts

Free Hand-to-Hand Combat Course

(FREE) 12 practical lessons in hand-to-hand combat. Self defense basics -- just what you need to survive.

Warning -- dirty tactics included.

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The Ultimate Punch eCourse ($99)

65 complete lessons in how to punch harder, faster, and more efficiently

You'll discover:

  • Volume One: The Most Important Punch Fundamentals
  • Volume Two: Developing Super Punch Speed
  • Volume Three: Lessons in Exposive Punch Power
  • Volume Four: Defensive Punching
  • Volume Five: Effective Punch Strategies
Lessons with complete instructions and lots of photos. Your punches will improve like never before. Progress at your own pace. Read more about The Punch eCourse

Wrist Locks Mini Course (Free)

Let's start with one practical wrist lock ... you get into it from a handshake position. And then for 12 lessons, we'll "tweak" it, to make it even more practical.

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